About us

Law office Radivojevic was founded in 1989. with headquarters in Belgrade and has since continuously offered its clients security, trust, expertise and loyalty in every business that is performed for the account and in the name of the client.

For three decades now our office is a leading law office in providing legal assistance in all areas of law on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and the region. We deal with the representation of natural and legal entity, without any restrictions, before all courts, authorities and third parties, and within the framework of the issued power of attorney, in agreement with the parties, we take all actions in all criminal, civil, non-contentious, misdemeanor, bankruptcy and administrative proceedings , we file lawsuits and make settlements, we act in marital, family and inheritance relations, we collect receivables, we undertake all banking and financial affairs, we prepare and conclude all types of contracts and other legal affairs, including founding acts of companies and other legal entities, and We also undertake all other actions in legal transactions, all in the exclusive and best interest of our parties.

Our team consists of lawyers with many years of experience and young and ambitious legal experts who made all their first steps in the lawyer’s office in our law office and who through their knowledge, effort and cooperation immeasurably contribute to our business success. Radivojevic law office has been hired by more than three thousand individuals and legal entities since its inception to date in thousands of cases, and this number is increasing every day.